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Frequently Asked Questions

Before asking questions, see if they have already been answered here!


Q: Do I need a kriik to register to the kriiks website, or to join the Kriiks Discord server?

A: Nope! Anyone over the age of 13 can join the community, as long as they abide by the rules.


Q: What is a Kriik?
A: Kriiks are a Closed Species created by Kirwick/Kirwicked. They are little bird creatures that grow plants on their heads, typically forming a crown-like shape, and are categorized into subtypes based on which plants form their "crowns".

You can read more about kriiks and their subtypes in the Species Info!


Q: What does “Closed Species” mean?

A: A "Closed Species" is a fictional creature species that is typically created and owned by one (or more) artist/s. A closed species is property of the creator, which means that only they, and whoever they grant permission to (for example Guest Artists) are allowed to make characters of that species.


Q: What does “Open Species” mean?

A: An “Open species” is a fictional creature species that is typically owned by one (or more) artist/s. Open species characters can be created by anyone for free.


Q: Are there any open species in Kriiks?

A: Not currently!


Q: How can I get a Kriik?
A: Kriiks can be obtained through official adopt sales or customs from Kirwick or other Guest Artists, raffles, or from other users if they are trading/selling/gifting their Kriiks. All official sales happen through the Kriiks Discord.

Kirwick will also raffle or sell occasional MYO (Make Your Own) kriiks in the Kriiks Discord server and website.


Q: What is a MYO kriik and how do I get one?

A: MYO (Make Your Own)  is an empty kriik that you can design yourself. MYOs can be obtained through occasional raffles or sales announced in the Kriiks Discord.


Q: What is a custom kriik and how do I get one?

A: Custom kriiks can be commissioned from Kirwick or Guest Artists, if they have opened their custom kriik commissions. The artist designs and creates a new kriik according to the customer’s wishes.


Q: My questions or suggestions haven’t been answered yet, when will that happen?

A: Please be patient as the staff will try to answer your questions asap! If your question hasn’t been answered in three (3)  days, please don’t hesitate to send it again or remind the staff about it.
Suggestions will in most cases not be answered, but they will all be read and noted.


Q: I submitted the verification form, but I haven’t gotten verified yet. When will that happen?

A: Please be patient as the Kriiks Clerk processes your verification! It is done manually, so it might take a day or two for you to get verified. Kriiks Clerk will let you know once you’ve been verified, or if there were any issues with your form.

If you haven’t been verified in three (3) days, please message Kriiks Clerk again and remind them!


Q: What are admins, moderators and guest artists?

A: Here at Kriiks admin means owner/creator, a person or people who have “all the power”. Admins can draw and sell new kriiks, handle the community, approvals and activities etc. They are in charge of creating new content.

A: Moderators are helpers who make sure the Discord is safe and that everyone follows rules! In  the future they will be in charge of most approvals and activities.

A: Guest artists draw and sell new kriiks, and that is their only “job”.


Q: Can I become an admin, moderator, guest artist or other part of the staff in Kriiks?

A: If there will ever be more admins, those will be people that Kirwick trusts in and out and has hand selected. There will never be open applications for the Admin role!

A: Moderators are chosen personally by Kirwick, or by open applications.

A: Guest artists are chosen personally by Kirwick, or by open applications.


When mod or GA applications open, they will be hosted in the Kriiks Discord server.


Q: I have a concern/issue/problem with the group/member/moderator/guest artist, what do I do?

A: If you have any problems or issues, please refer here.


Q: Where can I find the rules?


Q: Where can I join the Discord?



Q: Where can I find the Discord rules?

A: At the end of and they will be shown to you when you join the Discord.

Q: Where can I find the species info?



Q: What are the news?

A: News are little blog posts written, when something major happens in the community or website.



Buying/selling Kriiks


Q: Can I sell, trade or gift my Kriik?

A: Yes! You can sell, trade or gift your kriiks freely. Kriiks have no rules about selling, trading and gifting characters. Members may sell, trade and gift the characters they own for any value.


Q: Can I sell my MYO that hasn’t been designed yet?

A: Yes! You can sell or trade your MYO kriik same as any other kriik, as long as it’s listed on the Masterlist.

Q: I have a custom slot, can I sell it?

A: No. Custom slots cannot be sold, but they can be gifted if the original buyer pays for the custom, and the artist making the custom is fine with it. The artist's opinion should always be asked before the custom slot is gifted!

Otherwise custom slots can only be cancelled according to the terms or rules set by the artist.

If a custom has been cancelled by the customer, the artist from who the custom was commissioned from is free to decide to discard the custom slot, or to give it to someone else.

Owning/redesigning/using Kriiks

Q: Can my kriik be based on a character from a movie/game/cartoon or other media?

A: Please read section 7 about themes in our Rules!

Q: If I have a MYO or custom, can I make an existing OC or character I own into a kriik?

A: Yes, but do that with caution. If you end up selling only one of those characters in the future, now there are two people who own the same design, which is scamming. You should sell all characters with the same design together.

Q: Can I redesign my kriik? Do I need any items?

A: You can redesign your kriiks colors, hairstyle and accessories freely without using any items! You cannot add extra quirks whatsoever. Read more about redesigning and how to get it accepted in the Design Guide.


Q: What are quirks?

A: Quirks are visual mutations that a kriik can have. Quirks can be turned on and off freely, so even if a kriik has the wing quirk, the wings don’t always have to be drawn. Quirks do not give any game perks or effects, they are purely visual.

See all the available quirks in the Species Info.


Q: Can I give my existing kriik new quirks?

A: Not for "free", but you can take part in the Kahu's Quirks activity, and gain new quirks for your kriik!

Q: I don’t own a kriik but I want to draw them. Where can I get permission from a A: kriik owner to draw their kriik?

A: Kriiks open for gift art can be found from the Kriiks Discord server at #kriiks-to-draw channel.

Q: I submitted an image on my kriik’s gallery, but it hasn’t been approved yet. When will it be approved?

A: Please be patient while your images get approved! It might take a day or two. Approved images will show up in your kriik’s gallery.


Q: I submitted an image on my kriik’s gallery, but it disappeared after a while. What happened?

A: Your image was most likely denied in the approval process. Please read the rules section 9 to see if there was something wrong with your image.

Q: I want to remove my kriik from the masterlist, community and species altogether, and continue using it as a regular character. Can I do that?

A: Yes you can! Please contact us to get your kriik removed from the website. After a character is removed from the Website and Masterlist, it is no longer considered "official." The character cannot be added back to the Masterlist once removed, even by any future owners.

Common terms

Q: What does this ____ term mean? 

A: Here’s a general glossary of all the species/sale terms you will see commonly used around:

FTO - First Time Owner. Someone who has never owned a kriik before.

AO - Already Own. Someone who currently owns a kriik.


Flatsale - A design/character being sold for a set amount of currency.

Auction - A design/character being sold to the highest bidder.

SB - Starting bid in an auction.

AB Auto Buy in an auction. An amount with which the design/character can be bought straight away without bidding.


Raffle - Users enter and are given a number chronologically based on when they enter. Winner is chosen through a random number generator.

RTB - Raffle to Buy aka. Flatsale Raffle. RNG chosen winner is able to purchase the design/character.

DTR - Draw to Raffle. Users enter by drawing the design/character that is being raffled according to the specific DTR’s rules. Users are given a number chronologically based on when they enter. Winner is chosen through a random number generator.

OTA - Offer to Adopt. An artist takes offers on a design. Offers can include money, art, other characters in exchange for the design. The artist will pick which offer they like best.

UFS - Up for sale. Indicates a member is looking to sell their character for currency.

UFT - Up for trade. Indicates a member is looking to trade their character for art, other characters etc.

UFO - Up for offers. Indicates a member is looking for offers on their character. The post might mention what kind of offers they are looking for, usually it is art, characters or currency.

Swaps - Up for swap. Indicates a member is looking to swap their character for another character of the same species.

Entertaining offers - Indicates a member is looking for offers on their character, but is not completely sure if they want to trade or sell it.


Phoenix - Admin in Discord

Birdwatcher - Moderator in Discord

Agent of Strix - Guest Artist in Discord
Guest of Strix - Event Guest Artist in Discord

Booster Bird - A member who has boosted the Discord server

Chick - Regular member in Discord

Dove - Discord member who has been verified on website



Future of Kriiks and


Q: Will there be activities/trials/minigames in kriiks?

A: That's the plan! Currently there are a couple activities here, but more will hopefully follow in the future.

Q: Will there be official companions or pets kriiks can own?

A: Possibly, but how they'd work is not set in stone yet!

Q: Will there be more MYO raffles and if yes, when?

A: There will! When they happen depends on when Kirwick decides to host them. They most commonly happen during Events at the end of a year.

Q: What direction is the ARPG going to? When will there be new content?

A: We plan to develop a broader system that includes art activities and trials to level up your kriik, as well as point-and-click elements to get items, farm, craft and explore the kriik world.
Now plans for the future custom website that has been mentioned here and in the community previously have been cancelled until further notice. We will still keep building the kriik world on this website, and making fun events and pretty kriik designs nonetheless! The dream of a bigger ARPG is still there, waiting for a more suitable time. <3

Buying/selling Kriiks
Future of Kriik and
Owning/redesigning/using Kriiks
Common terms
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