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Updated 03/12/2021

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Site Rules

1. Users need to be at least 13 years old to join the Kriiks community

Anyone over the age of 13 can join Kriiks and the Discord server, as long as they follow these community rules and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

2. Prohibited Content

2.1 The following content is prohibited in interactions and text:​

  • Hate speech targeting any race, sexual orientation, gender or disability

  • Threats targeting any individuals or groups

  • Disclosing personal information (names, addresses, emails etc,) yours or anyone else's

  • Speech or implications of self harm

  • Excessive venting about real-life issues

  • Excessive speech of sexual content, fetishes, or gore


2.2 The following content is prohibited in images:

  • Hate speech targeting any race, sexual orientation, gender or disability

  • Sexual themes, fetishes and other adult content (website only, see section 4.1 for information concerning the Discord server)

  • Threats targeting any individuals or groups

3. Sensitive Content

Kriiks has no filters for sensitive imagery, so to protect your fellow members, some images might be better left in the Hidden Gallery, like:

  • Excessive gore

  • References to self-harm or mental abuse

  • Possibly triggering themes like trypophobia, arachnophobia etc.

4. Adult Content

4.1 We do not want to restrict Kriiks users from expressing themselves, but sexual adult content is NOT allowed on the Kriiks website. However, the Kriiks Discord server has a #nsfw-art channel for adult art.

4.2 Users who are found to be under 13 years old will be instantly banned from the Discord Server and blocked from the Website. Any characters they might own will remain their property (Transferring these characters has to be done through contacting Kirwick.)

4.3 Adults interacting inappropriately with minors will be banned immediately and reported to authorities.

5. Character Ownerships, Sales

5.1 All Kriiks must be listed on the Masterlist to be considered official.

5.2 Characters can only be owned by one person. You can "co-own" characters externally by your own risk, but if issues arise, the user listed as owner on the Masterlist is recognized as the true owner.​

5.3 Kriiks have no rules about selling, trading and gifting characters. Members may sell, trade and gift the characters they own for any value.

6. Character Disputes

6.1 Kriiks takes no responsibility or role in resolving character disputes. Issues and disputes must be resolved between the seller and buyer. Kriiks also does not support or recognize any possible sale rules set by the seller.

6.2 If sufficient evidence is provided that a transaction was made but not properly honored, we will do our best to restore your property by reversing character transactions. Please note that we can only control things on, so any property transfers on external sites are out of our reach (money, videogame currencies etc.)

Kriiks keeps a log of character transactions. These logs can be released to authorities if asked.

7. Theme Rules

7.1 There can only be one kriik with the same theme.

If a kriik character is deleted (see section 8) its theme will be released and can be used on a new character.

7.2 Prohibited themes.

Kriiks reserve the right to decline any theme that breaks these rules or seems suspicious or bad taste.

  • The exact same theme some other kriik already has

  • Copyrighted words, phrases, ideas and characters

  • Themes that disobey section 2 rules about Prohibited Content

  • Names (unless it's a part of a plant's name)

  • Themes containing non-English words (unless it's a part of a plant's name)

  • Sexual or suggestive themes

  • Gender themes (including boy, girl, man, gal, etc. unless it's part of a plant's name.)

  • Mental or physical disorders

  • Slurs and other offensive words

7.3 All kriik themes must include a plant/coral/seaweed/mushroom name in it, depending of the subtype. For example, for a Chick kriik, "Dog" would not be sufficient, but "Pine Dog" would.

7.3.1 The plant/coral/seaweed name does not have to be a specific plant name like "Pine". It can simply be "tree", "coral", "flower", "cactus", "mushroom", etc. or their synonym, as long as it still follows the subtype.

For example "Tree" or "Tree Dog" for a Chick kriik.

7.4 If by any accident there were two kriiks with the same theme, whichever was created first would keep the theme, and the second would have to be changed. This can be done by Contacting Us.

7.5 A character's theme cannot be changed unless it has a typo, it breaks the section 2 rules about Prohibited Content, or we find out it is offensive.

8. Deleting a Character

8.1 We recognize some users might want to remove a character they own from the Website. This can be done by Contacting Us.

8.2 Before asking us to remove a character, please make sure you have saved all images in the character's gallery that you want to keep!

8.3 If character is being removed due to a ban, the character will stay on the Masterlist for four (4) days after the ban. Use this time to save any images you want to keep.

8.3 After a character is removed from the Website and Masterlist, it is no longer considered "official." The character cannot be added back to the Masterlist once removed, even by any future owners.

9. Image use/submission to

9.1 When submitting new images to your character, please make sure you have the artist's permission to do so.

9.2 Please respect the artist by crediting them while submitting. If the artist is you, please write your name instead of "Me".

9.3 If we get contacted by the image's copyright holder (usually the original artist) to remove an image, we will do so immediately and without warning.

9.4 Please wait patiently while the image is waiting for approval!

 If you want your art removed from the Website, please Contact Us!

10. Character Gallery images

10.1 You can only submit images that include the character, in its gallery. There should not be any images where the character is not present.

10.2 Images with multiple characters are fine.

If an user is found out constantly uploading images that do not comply with these rules, a warning or a ban will be issued depending on the severity of the offence.

11. Character Primary Image

11.1 A character's primary image (the one that shows on Masterlist) can be drawn by anyone, but it has to follow these rules:

  • Art must be fullbody

  • Art must be colored

  • Art must have a transparent background

  • Art cannot include other characters

12. Cheating

12.1 Cheating includes but is not limited to:

  • Creating multiple accounts

  • Using multiple accounts to join raffles or events

  • Using someone else's art for Draw to Adopts or other art events

If an user is found out cheating, an instant ban will be put on all the user's accounts, and characters owned by them will get removed from the Masterlist after four (4) days. (See section 8 about Deleting a Character.)

Discord Rules

1. You need to be at least 13 years old to join the Kriiks community

2. When you join, you can post your introduction in the #intros channel

3. Please be kind and respectful towards other members! Racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, or any other hate-speech will get you kicked out.

4. Banned topics are: politics, NSFW, drama and self harm. This server is not for venting! This includes complaining about irl issues, attention seeking, putting yourself down or negatively talking about yourself.

5. Please respect the server! This means keeping conversations to their respective channels, and no spamming.(posting emojis in sequence with other members is fine)

6. Swearing is allowed, but please keep it civil.

7. Adult and fetish art (including "SFW" fetish art) is strictly prohibited outside the #nsfw-art channel.


8. When someone posts the Tangerine emoji, you must change the current conversation topic! This is for anyone who feels uncomfortable with the current ongoing conversation. Please do not abuse this power :)


9. Try to keep nicknames and profile pictures from potentially triggering sources out of the server for the comfort for others! Ex. true crime, etc.
If someone's username or profile picture is making you uncomfortable, please let them know about it! If you have tried or failed to contact them, or are uncomfortable doing it yourself, you can contact @Tea 🍵 and they'll handle it for you💚

10. When discussing about a suggestion, please do not argue with others or say it's not a good idea, even if you have "reasons". Please rather use sentences starting with "How  about -" so nobody gets discouraged to share their ideas!

11. For any questions, please use the admin-ask channel!

Breaking these rules will issue a warning, and heavy offends will result in a Discord and Website ban.

2. Prohibited Content
4. Adult Content
3. Sensitive Content
5. Character Ownership, Sales
6. Character Disputes
7. Theme Rules
8. Deleting a Character
9. Image use/submission to
10. Character Gallery Images
11. Character Primary Image
12. Cheating
Discord Rules
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