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When to Contact Us

All members and moderators of Kriiks are subject to abide by the Community Rules. If you see something suspicious, please do not hesitate to contact us about it!


Though we at Kriiks try our best, we make no guarantee that all issues can be resolved. There might be cases that are out of our control.

Things to contact about:
- cheating
- fake accounts

- rude, political, racist, etc. images or text on character pages
- scamming

- page errors

- removing your art from the page


Joining the Discord server linked above and using the #contact-us channel

is the easiest way to contact us.

For private responses please contact us by Email at -

Removing your art from
Kriiks hosts User submitted art in character pages, but this can not be done without the permission of the copyright owner (usually the original artist.) If you are the copyright owner and your art is being hosted on Kriiks without your permission, it will be removed immediately. Please contact us about this via email providing the following information:

Link to character where the image is: -

Which image it is: (attach screenshot or art)

Proof the copyright is yours: (link to original post/other art so we can determine if the style is similar, work file with layers, proof of buying the copyrights etc.)

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