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Prompts of the month:

Quirks of the month:


Kahu's Quirks


resets on 1st of each month


Huhu, hello dear.
I'm Kahu, welco- please don't touch that!!
Huff.. like I was saying, welcome to my cottage. I collect and study those crystals you see. For a long time I've known they do something strange when touched, and lately I discovered they actually mutate your body if held for too long!

But don't worry, the one you almost touched was depleted of it's powers huhu. I've organized most of the crystals here according to which quirks they give. You'd really like a new quirk? Well.. I can't just share these with whoever, but if you do me a favor I can let you hold the crystal I'm currently studying and let you get the quirk!

Sorry, but you can't keep the crystal itself huhu, who knows what you'd do with that..

Oh and please don't go touch random crystals at Crystal Springs.. some of those radiate really weird auras, we don't want you to turn into worms do we.. huhu!


  • You need to own a kriik to participate.

  • Draw your kriik in a way that somehow depicts one of the prompts above.

  • The kriik drawn will receive the quirk.

  • One entry per prompt. You can enter twice a month to get both the quirks, but they need to be two separate drawings/entries.

  • You can do each prompt once a month, but not one prompt twice.

  • You can draw whichever prompt of the month and claim whichever quirk of the month, they are not linked in any way!

  • Two (2) entries a month per kriik. Extra entries for the same kriik will not be rewarded.

  • If you own multiple kriiks, you can do the activity for all of them during the same month.

  • Rewards will be given out once the month has ended.


Art requirements:

  • Art must be fullbody (include at least three limbs, one being the head)

  • Art must be colored

  • Art cannot be traced or drawn on a base

  • Art must be created by you

  • The kriik in art must belong to you

#kahus-quirks channel in the Discord server.

Read the pinned instructions!

Rewards: x1 Quirk of the Season per entry


Learn more about quirks in the Species Info!

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