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Get Started!

Guide to getting started with kriiks!



Welcome to! You can register by pressing the Log In -button in the page's top right corner, and then "Sign Up".

You do not need to own a kriik to register!

Remember to read the Terms & Conditions before registering.

Join the Discord server


You can join the Kriiks Discord server here! You do not need to own a kriik to join. Please read the Discord rules before joining here, or right after you join the server.

Get Verified

1. To get verified, navigate to your "My Account" page by pressing your username on the page's top right corner.

2. If there is no 16-digit code under the "Verify Account" section, press the "Generate Code" button.

3. Once you have the code, go to the Kriiks Discord server and find the #verify-me! channel. There you will find further instructions on how to proceed.

4. Wait until you get verified!

How to get a Kriik

There are multiple ways to get your own kriik! 

Buy Adopts

You can buy occasional adopts posted by Kirwick and Guest Artists in the Kriiks Discord server.
Current Guest Artists are listed in the Discord server at the #staff channel.

Buy/Trade from other members

Users can freely sell and trade their own kriiks. This is usually done through the Discord server so to get one, head to the #sales-and-trades channel in the Kriiks Discord server!
Some users might sell their kriiks in twitter, instagram, deviantart or other pages. In such case, please double check that the user in question actually owns the kriik they are trying to sell.

Join Raffles

Occasional raffles will be held on the website or in Kriiks Discord. To join a raffle on the website, your account must be verified. Go to the Get Verified -section to find out how you can get verified.

Buy and make a MYO

Kirwick will raffle or sell occasional MYO (Make Your Own) kriiks in the Kriiks Discord server. MYO is an empty kriik that you can design yourself.

To find out more about MYO:s, head here!

Get Verified
How to get a Kriik
Join the Discord Server
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