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Pappus Post

resets on 1st of each month


I am Lia, welcome to my delivery hut!

Please don't mind the mess, I have a dozen ongoing projects to find the perfect way to deliver mail.. Actually, I think you could help me!

You see, kriiks around here don't really mail a lot of things.. They say things like"I like to give things personally."  - "I don't know how to write." -"I don't have any friends." yadda yadda, excuses!

 How can I perform my life duties if I don't have anything to deliver! Could you please draw something fun for someone in Calamondin, so I can post it to them and test my new devices? Wow really?

Thank you so much!

Raffle Ticket.png


  • You do not need to own a kriik to participate.

  • You must have permission to draw someone else's kriik.

  • The art used can be a gift, trade or commission.

  • Kriiks available for gift art can be found in the Discord server's #kriiks-to-draw channel.

  • You cannot use the same art more than once to claim tickets.

  • One (1) entry a month. Extra entries for the same month will not be rewarded.

  • Rewards will be given out once the month has ended.


Art requirements:

  • Art must be fullbody (include at least three limbs, one being the head)

  • Art must be colored

  • Art cannot be traced or drawn on a base

  • Art must be created by you

  • The kriik in art must belong to someone else than you

#pappus-post channel in the Discord server.

Read the pinned instructions!

Rewards: x1 Raffle Ticket

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