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Site Launch!

Hi peeps!

The kriiks are finally here after a long wait! The website is up and running with the masterlist, species info and guides to help you get started.

Registering and verifying your account through the Discord server allows you to take part in future raffles on the site. Verifying is currently done manually, so we suggest you get verified asap so you'll be ready before any raffles open and new people join in!

The Kriiks community Discord server is a hub for all communication, so be sure to join us there as well! Sales, commissions, art and more can be shared there with the other members. In addition, new design approvals, verifying your account and other page-related stuff will be handled through the Discord server tool!

For now this site is extremely slow, which we apologize for. The site is built in Wix which means popups and page loading times are abysmal, try to bear with us!

Thank you everyone who has been interested in seeing kriiks become and actual species. It's been many years since I've tried to develop a closed species so the road ahead might be bumpy, but I can't wait to develop kriiks further with you all beside me!<3


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