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Mascots - Kit and Mit

Introducing mascots and how to use them!

Kit and Mit are two Chick kriiks who want to experience everything, and experience it all multiple times..

Their curiosity and experimental attitude has no end, so you will see them doing all kinds of things, in all kinds of ways, from all kinds of perspectives!

The brown one is Kit, white one is Mit!

How to use Mascots:

Kit and Mit.png

Kit and Mit can be used in most activities where the user account entering gets a reward. Quirks or items cannot be earned for Kit and Mit similar to owner characters, so activities where the kriik gets a reward are out of limits for the mascots.

An activity's rules will tell you if the mascots can be used for it!

You can:

  • Use Kit and Mit if you don't own a kriik.

  • Use Kit and Mit if you own a kriik.

  • Use any and all quirks on Kit and Mit.

  • Give accessories to Kit and Mit.

  • Change Kit and Mit's hairstyle.

  • Draw Kit and Mit for fun without joining any activities.

  • Come up with unique stories for Kit and Mit.

You can't:

  • Change Kit and Mit's colors.

  • Change Kit and Mit's subtype.

  • Draw Kit and Mit's plant growth as something else than a sprout.

  • Claim Kit and Mit as your own characters.

  • Give Kit and Mit new names.

  • Decide what other users can and cannot do with Kit and Mit.

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