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Strix's Rising

Oct. 31st - Dec. 31st


background art by Glitchibo

"Greetings my dearies!

I welcome you all to my celebration of the first snow! As you might know, the evenings only grow longer and the cold chills seep in.. We.. we must all prepare for the dark and cold together.

Last year we spent our celebration in the Scorched Forest. We built a long fence of Pickets to ward off evil, and no harm came to any of us. You all did a splendid job, but I'm certainly very, very glad that this year there are.. will be.. many more of us..

So why are we in my mansion and not at the forest then?

You see.. as the "Strix" there is quite a bit of Soul Sand in my possession. I'm not sure how it happened exactly, but I recently noticed I've made much, much more Soul Sand that I could possibly handle!
I'm afraid it might.. it might be too.. that it might expire. I would rather use it soon
, now that you're all here to help.

So during the celebrations this year, we shall all welcome a large flock of young ones into our ar- arms!

No, no, it's nothing like babysitting.. Newborn kriiks are quite resilient and like all the action. Just take the younglings with you to celebrate, and maybe teach them how to stay alive, while you're at it. Easy!

So! There is much to do,

let the celebrations begin!"




to access:



Picket Fence Goals  |  Prompts  |  MYO Challenge

Picket Fence Goals

Frosted Blueberry.png
Rustgill Crow.png

Sanguine Carnage of Dragons hatched!!

Rustgill Crow

Frosted Blueberry

Lets craft some Pickets!

Pickets are crafted from harvest material.
Lining them up in a row creates a strong wall against evil.

Craft enough of them, and unlock the three kriik raffles above!




  • Crafted from inedible, raw, sick and rotten harvest material.

  • They ward off evil spirits, not allowing anything with ill intent to pass the Picket Fence.

  • Crafted from the best harvest material.

  • They secure kind spirits' passage through the Picket Fence.

Include any kind of picket in ANY of your event art pieces, and
you can submit it for the Picket Fence!


  • Picture must include a Kriik and a Picket

  • Art cannot be traced or drawn on a base

  • Art cannot be a paid commission (Requests and trades are fine)

  • Art must be created by you

  • You can submit art pieces from other Event Activities as well, if you include a Picket in them!

#picket-fence channel in the Kriiks Discord.

Read the pinned instructions!

A Final Raffle will be held on the 31st after the activities have closed! In the Final Raffle all Goal-kriiks the community has unlocked will be raffled off at once.

The raffle will be open to every verified member! Learn how to get verified here.

Entries close 31.12.2023 - 12:00 PM EET



  • Draw your or someone else's kriik doing a prompt from the list below. Rewards differ depending on if you use your or someone else's kriik.

  • Submit your art to the Discord server's #prompt-entries channel. Read the pinned instructions!

  • Art must be fullbody or bust (include at least three limbs, one being the head)

  • Art must be colored

  • Art cannot be traced or drawn on a base

  • Art cannot be a paid commission. Requests and trades are fine

  • Art must be drawn by you

When drawing your own kriik and claiming quirks for it, only one submission message in Discord is allowed per kriik. Meaning, if you for example want to get all six quirks for your kriik, you need to submit all six individual art pieces in the same entry.

You can get all six quirks for multiple kriiks, but each kriik should have all its prompt artworks submitted in a single entry message.

When drawing someone else's kriik and claiming the Raffle Ticket, only one submission message in Discord is allowed per person. Meaning, if you want to get all the six tickets, you need to submit all six art pieces in the same entry. Later submissions will not be rewarded.

If you also follow the MYO Challenge art rules, you can use your gift art for that as well!


Reward quirk: Prompt
(click quirk name to see descriptions)

Bone: Draw a kriik striking a scary pose!

Ghost: Draw a kriik interacting with a Picket!

Ears: Draw a kriik interacting with a newborn kriik!

- Baby kriik can be yours or someone else's kriik, or an NPC.

Paint: Draw a kriik finding something from Valerie's mansion!

- Only the kriik and what they found need to be included.

- Mansion depicted in the event video!

Stitches: Draw a kriik repairing a broken toy!

WispDraw a kriik covered in flowers!

Doing the prompt with your own kriik: Gives your kriik the aforementioned quirk (once per prompt, six in total per kriik. You can enter with multiple kriiks.)

Doing the prompts with someone else's kriik: Gives you x1 Raffle Ticket (once per prompt, six in total)


#prompt-entries channel in the Kriiks Discord.

Read the pinned instructions!


Entries close 31.12.2023 - 12:00 PM EET

Raffle Ticket.png

MYO Challenge

Complete all four challenges to get one MYO (Make Your Own) kriik!

To complete the challenges:

  • Draw someone else's kriik in each of the four (4) artforms. Make sure to follow each challenge's specified requirements.

  • You cannot use your own kriik, NPCs or the Mascots. You can choose a kriik from the Discord server's #kriiks-to-draw channel.

  • Submit your art to the Discord server's #MYO-challenges channel. Read the pinned instructions! 

  • Submit all of the four (4) challenges at the same time, to receive your MYO!

  • If you also follow the Prompt art rules, you can earn Raffle Tickets by also submitting the gift art into the Prompt activity!

  • 1 MYO per person.

  • MYO:s will be uploaded to the Masterlist during and after the event, depending on staff schedules.

#myo-challenge channel in the Kriiks Discord.

Read the pinned instructions!

Entries close 31.12.2023 - 12:00 PM EET




Minimum requirement: colored, shaded, headshot
Draw a kriik's face in a square or a circle.



Minimum requirement: colored, shaded, bust
Draw a kriik from waist up. Include decorations like flowers, mushrooms, branches, snow, ribbons etc. around the kriik.
Arms do not need to be fully visible.



Minimum requirement: colored, fullbody
Draw a fullbody kriik from three different views. For example from side, front, back, 1/3, above, etc. You can get creative, or keep it simple!

All three views need to be using the same kriik.



Minimum requirement: sketched, fullbody
Draw at least three fullbody sketches on the same canvas.

All three sketches need to be of the same kriik.

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