The Strix's Hour

31.10 - 30.11




"Greetings my dearies!

It's my pleasure to welcome you all to my celebration of the first snow! As you might know, the evenings only grow longer and the cold chills seep in.. This year we embrace that chill and spend time with our friends and loved ones outside!
Your legs must be weary of the walk here, I know, it's a desolate location I chose. But there is a reason! Do you see how the lush forest here ends, and continues as a barren land? Yes indeed, we're here at the edge of The Scorched Forest!  It's truly beautiful in its own way, even though a little spooky as well..

So why are we here?
When I was visiting a friend at Faroh Libraries he showed me an old book he found hidden in the Elder Lairs. You all know what the Elder Lairs are right? Great! The book held tales of the old times, legends we have already forgotten. Lots of it was crumbled away, but there was a snippet about an area called The Barren, and how mean spirits reside there. It mentioned little creatures called the Pickets; small guard beings crafted from harvest material that, when put in a single line, will fence in any spirits trying to pass. Like a spirit fence!

Now, The Barren is a long way through the Scorched Forest, but I thought we might craft Pickets here. If there were mean spirits trying to enter any of our cities, they'd have to pass through the Scorched Forest anyway. I also wouldn't really run into spirits if I can decide, we should be fine this far out...

Anyway! There is much to do, so

let the celebrations begin!"


background art by Glitchibo

Event Calendar


GA Sales

Event Guest Artist sales will happen every weekend in Kriiks Discord!
Resident Guest Artist sales will happen randomly during the event in Kriiks Discord!

The Strange Case GACHA

"Oh dear, I must have messed something up.. The other day I was running late from meeting Lia, and had my sweet morning tea while sprinkling some soul sand in the garden. I stumbled on a root, splashed my tea, and my favorite crystal spoon I got as a gift from Kahu shattered on the ground.. What will I ever do without it!
Ah, however, some strange reaction must have happened with the kriiks born from that batch. Just look at them! They're so overly cute I could just scream! Must be from the sweet tea.. But looks like the crystal spoon's shards didn't affect these little sweeties, oh dear how lucky we got."
- Strix

The Strange Case Gacha sale will be run in Kriiks Discord!
Each gacha kriik will cost $110

1st round: October 31st
2nd round: November 21st



To enter the raffle:

  • Post an image of Spooked Elm and a link in the Strix's Hour page in any social media

  • Downloadable images here

  • Link your post to the #some-raffle channel in the Kriiks Discord

  • One entry only per person, though extra shares are appreciated!

  • Winner is chosen via RNG from everyone who enters

  • Winner gets to keep the Spooked Elm kriik!

  • Winner is required to make a account if they don't already have one

Raffle closes: 21.11.2022 - 12:00 PM EET

#xxx Kriik - Spooked Elm.png


#xxx Kriik - Witch Hazel.png

To enter the raffles:

  • Draw the kriik above you want to enter for (click art for bigger picture)

  • Submit your art to the Kriiks Discord server's #ink-cap-entries and #witch-hazel-entries channels (read the pinned instructions!)

  • Art must be fullbody and colored

  • 1 entry per person

  • You can enter for both kriiks

  • Winner is chosen via RNG from everyone who enters

  • Winner gets to keep the corresponding kriik!

  • The same person cannot win both kriiks, if RNG chooses the same person twice, the second time will be rerolled.

Raffles close: 21.11.2022 - 12:00 PM EET

Ink Cap

Witch Hazel

#xxx Kriik - Ink Cap.png

MYO Gift Goals 

Lets craft some Pickets!

Pickets are little creatures crafted from any type of harvest material. There are two main types of Pickets:


The uglier the Warrior Picket, and the more beautiful the Protector Picket, the more powerful they are in their job. But the fence also accepts those who are not perfect either way, they are powerful in masses!

Warrior Pickets are created from inedible, raw, sick, broken and rotten harvest materials that ward off evil spirits fom passing the Picket Fence.

Protector Pickets are created from the best of the best of harvest material. They secure the passage of kind spirits through the Picket fence.


1 Gift art = 1 Picket
Every 10 Pickets: +1 MYO at Final Raffle

There are three ways to accumulate Pickets for the Picket Fence:

  1. Draw entries for the Ink Cap and Witch Hazel DTR:s (max 2x per person)

  2. Draw the Prompts with someone else's kriik (max 6x per person)

  3. Draw someone else's kriik or an NPC as a gift (unlimited)

This means you can "double dip" in the activities, but the same drawings will need to be submitted for both the main activity and MYO Gift Goals separately.


  • Draw someone else's kriik, an NPC or the DTR kriiks as a gift.

  • You do not need to own a kriik to participate.

  • You must have permission to draw someone else's kriik (NPC:s and DTR:s have permission automatically)

  • Kriiks available for gift art can be found in the Discord server's #kriiks-to-draw channel.

  • NPC Kriiks can be found in the Discord server's #kriik-roll-call channel from pinned messages.

  • One entry can also be used for Pappus Post during November, go triple dip!

Art requirements:

  • Art must be fullbody (include at least three limbs, one being the head)

  • Art must be colored

  • Art cannot be traced or drawn on a base

  • Art cannot be a paid commission, requests and trades are fine

  • Art must be created by you

  • The kriik in art must belong to someone else than you

#picket-fence channel in the Kriiks Discord.

Read the pinned instructions!


Rewards: X amount of MYO kriiks

A Final Raffle will be held on the 30th after the entries have closed! In the Final Raffle all MYO:s the community has unlocked during the event will be raffled off at once.

The raffle will be open to every verified member! Learn how to get verified here.

Entries close 30.11.2022 - 12:00 PM EET




  • Draw your or someone else's kriik doing a prompt from the list below. Rewards differ depending on if you use your or someone else's kriik.

  • Submit your art to the Discord server's #prompt-entries channel. Read the pinned instructions!

  • Art must be fullbody (include at least three limbs, one being the head)

  • Art must be colored

  • Art cannot be traced or drawn on a base

  • Art cannot be a paid commission, requests and trades are fine

  • Art must be created by you

When drawing your own kriik and claiming quirks for it, only one submission entry is allowed per kriik. Meaning, if you want to get all six quirks, you need to submit all six art pieces in the same entry. Later entries for the same kriik will not be rewarded. You can still submit another kriik's entry separately.

When drawing someone else's kriik and claiming the Raffle Ticket, only one submission entry is allowed per person. Meaning, if you want to get all the six tickets, you need to submit all six art pieces in the same entry. Later submissions will not be rewarded.


Reward quirk: Prompt
(click quirk name to see descriptions)

Thorns: Draw a kriik in a scary costume

Overgrown: Draw a kriik interacting with a Warrior Picket

Sap: Draw a kriik interacting with a Protector Picket

Paint: Draw a kriik decorating something

Hover: Draw a kriik ghost hunting
Draw a kriik covered in ash

Doing the prompt with your own kriik: Gives your kriik the aforementioned quirk (once per prompt, six in total per kriik. You can enter with multiple kriiks.)

Doing the prompts with an NPC or someone else's kriik: Gives you x1 Raffle Ticket (once per prompt, six in total)



Entries close 30.11.2021 - 12:00 PM EET

Raffle Ticket.png
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